Disconnect from the world

And connect with a more empowered state of being



To a luxury yoga sanctuary in a little town on the big island of Hawaii called Captain Cook. We'll have the place to ourselves as we deeply connect with our true selves and with one another.

This community we're co-creating is unlike anything else on the planet - let's take it to the next level.

No phones, no worries, and no social distancing.

Let's go explore - together - and enjoy pure presence and oneness with life.

This is Sama Sama!!

We are over the moon excited to share this experience with you!


Great, us too.

Over the course of the last year we've watched the entire world go crazy.

Our dopamine receptors are fried, our freedom has been stripped away, and we're less connected with one another than ever before.

So, let's do something about it!

We're escaping to the Big Island for a week of surfing, riding bikes, doing yoga, drinking coffee, and maybe even indulging in some recreational substances.

It's going to be EPIC!

You'll leave The Wellness Village energized, in flow with life, and holding a deep sense of peace and gratitude.

Totally rejuvenated, empowered with new connections, and elevated with a new way of being.

We'll take care of everything for you - all you have to do is say YES!


October 2nd-9th


An all-inclusive 7-night adventure with all of the favorite people in our lives (hey - that's you!)


A yoga sanctuary in Captain Cook - a little town on the big island of Hawaii, just south of Kona. We have the place to ourselves, and it's going to be epic!!



We're glad you asked! We've been traveling and curating experiences around the world for over a decade.

The Wellness Village is a collection of what has made us come alive - elements from all our shared experiences and favorite life moments. And we could not be more excited to share them with you!

And when we say this is all-inclusive, we mean it.


Lodging is totally sorted - we have the retreat center to ourselves!! We'll also get you to and from the airport, and around town. No need to stress about expensive rental cars or shuttles -we've got you covered!


Fuel your body with full meals at breakfast and dinner, and snacks/a light lunch every day. We're keeping it fresh, with local, organic, grass-fed goodness prepared with love and served family style.


Yoga, movement, breathwork, beach adventures, ice baths, and more that we can't tell you about just yet. The big island's natural beauty is unrivaled, and we can't wait to explore with you!

And of course...





Ahhh yes - would probably be helpful if we introduced ourselves!

To start, here's us on the floating DJ booth Eric built last summer so we could still throw parties without the COVID police shutting us down:

Krista Large

Owner of Living Large Wellness - a business focused on helping you LIVE LARGE and start achieving real results when it comes to your health.

I have tried EVERTYTHING in the world to achieve a "perfect body" - bodybuilding shows, Ironman triathlon, powerlifting competitions, and even becoming a full-time personal trainer only to realize that perfection doesn’t exist.

The work I do focuses on goal setting and forming strategies to help you break through roadblocks, so you can get out of your head and start focusing on what really matters – living your life to the fullest.

My mission is to help guide you on a journey to self-discovery with your body, health, and lifestyle.

Eric Anderson

Owner of The Ocean Lab in Austin - a float spa/wellness center focused on helping people connect with their deepest purpose and make the most out of life.

I traded my prison cell at Salesforce to live the digital nomad life, making it 2.5 years without spending more than 7 consecutive days in the same city. I also DJ, run a marketing agency, and never met a music festival I didn't like.

I'm obsessed with human performance and will be leading workshops on mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, and lessons learned from racing 10 Ironmans across 6 continents.

I'm a firm believer that everybody has a unique gift to share with the world, and I'm determined to help you find it.


How many people are attending?

You, us, and ~20 of your new (or current) best friends. We have the ENTIRE RESORT TO OURSELVES Y'ALL!

Is it safe to travel?

Absofuckinglutely. We're all gonna make it!

We've confirmed with the Retreat Center that the news reports of a dire situation in Hawaii are completely blown out of proportion. All is well on the Big Island!

What if I catch the 'rona and can't go?

Most major credit cards have trip cancellation insurance - so make sure you use one of those. We'll also send out info for some inexpensive options if you want to really cover your ass.

What if I've never been on a long flight before?

Hawaii is the perfect gateway drug to long-distance travel. It's far enough away that you're totally removed from your day-to-day life, but you're still in the USA! Plus, you'll be traveling with a huge crew, so there's no better way to rip that band-aid off.

How can I leave town for a week?

You owe it to yourself to unplug and decompress. You've got months to plan your escape - let's make it happen!

No - for real - I can't just go offline for a week.

We'll handle your limiting beliefs at a later time, but if you absolutely HAVE to check something, the resort does have wi-fi, and we're only ~20 minutes from civilization.

How are you processing payments?

We're all set up with Stripe! We can even take crypto if you're trying to keep Uncle Sam out of your back pocket - just let us know.

What about flights?

We were originally going to bundle in the airfare, but we realized most people would rather use their airline miles/credit card points to cover the cost of travel.

Plus they're hilariously inexpensive right now.

So, just make sure you make it to KOA no earlier than 3 PM on October 2nd, and plan on getting out early on the 9th.

If you want us to book flights for you, we can make that happen for a small fee.

But for real - if you're coming from Austin and don't want a red-eye coming home, book this United routing for $396. If you don't mind a red-eye, book this American routing or Delta routing.



The sanctuary has a vibe that is old school Hawaii meets modern yoga studio. The main house has 6 bedrooms, with plenty of room for activities and a giant yoga studio. Plus a huge kitchen and dining room for epic meals!! Killer views, comfy beds, organic bath products...you name it, we have it covered.

Cottage Please!

These five cottages each have their own flavor of luxury, including ocean views, private balconies, and a super comfy queen bed.

$2,999 per person


$4,999 per couple

The Quad Squad

One of the cottages features 2 queen beds - which means it will be the only room with 4 people! Quadruple the fun.

$2,499 per person


$4,199 per couple


$7,999 per group of 4

House Party

Each of the 6 bedrooms in the main house has an ensuite bathroom, a queen bed, and a twin bed.

The rooms sleep up to 3 people, so...

If you want a room to yourself, it's $2,699

If you and one other person want to share a room, it's $1,499 per person

And if you and two other people want to share a room, it's $1,099 per person

Three's Company

This three-person villa is called Anahata, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "heart lotus." It's nestled in the heart of the resort, with an open concept bathroom, private patio, and an outdoor shower to rinse the salt water away. Three delightful twin beds await!

$2,199 per person


$5,999 for a group of 3

So Much Room for Activities!

The quad squad will be kicking it in their own two-story Ranchito with an epic loft and plenty of space to kick back and relax. Four plush twin beds spaced throughout the cabana accompany an epic private terrace with luscious vegetation and exotic plants!

$1,999 per person

And remember, these prices include EVERYTHING.

(except flights)

  • 7 nights at a world-renowned retreat center
  • Airport shuttles and transportation around the island
  • 3 delicious, organic meals a day (and snacks!)
  • Daily yoga, meditation, mobility, breathwork
  • 5 days of vitamins
  • Private beach bonfires/DJ sets/dance parties

We're taking all the stress out of the retreat planning process for you.

All you have to do is SAY YES!

Pack your bags, show up at the airport, and we'll cover the rest.

7 full days of living your best life without a worry in the world.

We wouldn't be inviting you if we didn't think you can make this happen.

Help us help you - we want you with us on the Big Island!!

Your Contact InfoWhooooo are you - do do, do do
Your Other InfoLet's get this party started!

About Those Flights...

The Itinerary Out of Austin

United: https://flights.app.goo.gl/1mp76U

05/29 5:46 AM - 11:46 AM AUS-IAH-PTY

06/05 3:30 PM - 10:34 PM PTY-IAH-AUS

$525 (basic economy), $615 (economy), $833 (first)

The Itinerary out of Miami

COPA: https://flights.app.goo.gl/48HjZq

05/29 6:42 AM - 8:50 AM MIA-PTY

06/05 6:27 PM - 10:33 PM PTY-MIA

$269 (economy), $666 (first)

The Itinerary out of San Francisco

United: https://flights.app.goo.gl/612a88

05/28 11:55 PM - 11:46 AM SFO-IAH-PTY

06/05 3:30 PM - 11:55 PM PTY-IAH-SFO

$805 (basic economy), $895 (economy), $1197 (first)

The Itinerary out of Los Angeles

COPA: https://flights.app.goo.gl/XwtRJ7

05/29 12:58 AM - 9:26 AM LAX-PTY

06/05 6:38 PM - 11:45 PM PTY-LAX

$552 (economy), $1126 (first)

or, if you want to be on the same connecting flights as the Austin crew:

United: https://flights.app.goo.gl/XS8PBV

05/28 11:50 PM - 11:46 AM LAX-IAH-PTY

06/05 3:30 PM - 10:59 PM PTY-IAH-LAX

$575 (basic economy), $665 (economy), $1,049 (first)

The Itinerary Out of Denver

United: https://flights.app.goo.gl/vwytv1

05/28 8:45 PM - 11:46 AM DEN-IAH-PTY

06/05 3:30 PM - 11:27 PM PTY-IAH-DEN

$645 (basic economy), $735 (economy), $953 (first)

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